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Decide to sell your home

Tips to make your home presentable and stunning for buyers! Home buyers are very selective in what they want to buy. Buyers are looking for the best and you want to sell your home fast and with best offer. If the home does not impress the buyers, it can sit in the market for a long time, so make your home into a great shape to wow the buyers when they walk in!

Make a great impression.

Make your home memorable for buyers. The front entrance must give a worm welcome to the buyer. Your exterior says a lot about how your home is maintained inside and outside. When buyers see an attractive interior driving by or online picture, they will be excited to see the inside as well. Clean and do landscaping to impress the buyers. Plant flowers, mow the lawn, weed the garden clean the gutters and pressure wash.

Make it Sparkle.   A clean home implies that the home has been well taken care of and will bring an attraction for buyers. A deep cleaning and repaint would give the home a fresh and clean look. Place fresh flower in the kitchen and at the entrance, place a batch of cookies in the over and open up the blinds for a warm welcome for the buyers.

 Start packing/De-clutter.

Confined and cluttered rooms turn buyers off and make your house/rooms looks smaller. Larger room and space would bring more attraction for buyers to settle for your home. Clean and de-clutter the closet, cabinets and garage before showing.

Make Repair major and minor Repair broken items windows and fence. Replace hardware that are outdated, such as door handles, towels bars curtain rods that are rather inexpensive and visible to home buyers. Paint the kitchen and most used rooms to bring a brighter look to the rooms.

Take a look at your home- Is it ready for market Stand back at the street and take a good look at your home. Does the gutters, sidings, chimney, roofing, lawn drive way and wall looks good? Same with interior check each room. Pack each room, kitchen, bathrooms, closet space, under the sink, leakage, patch work on the wall, small touch up paint and carpet or wood leaning how does it look?

Overall- READY FOR MARKET! MIH Team- Make It Happen!