Mortgage Calculator

Planning to Purchase you’re dream home?

Acquiring a real-estate property will be the biggest prospective financial decision that you will ever make. Whether you’re buying a home for the first time or as an investment property, decision must be made carefully and wisely.

How important is your credit score in Real Estate?

Credit scores are crucial component for buying any real-estate property, your dream home or investment. Your credit score impacts the size of the mortgage to a rate of a home loan. A typical credit scoring is analyzed in point system. Click here for Mortgage calculator.

Clean up your credit score.

If you know you won’t be buying the home for several months, you have plenty of time to clean up your credit. Order your free credit report from Equifax, or TransUnion Experian and review your credit and see how and where you can improve. Review the credit report and make sure it is free of any mistakes.

Credit card habit

Take steps to stop credit card spending, and consider using a balance-transfer credit card to reduce your debt load faster. Improving your credit will give your credit score go higher.

Build Your Credit File.

Check your financial documents and see how you can improve.  A good credit opens the door to success. Make 100% of your payments on time for all credit cards and bills, avoid opening or using too many accounts or cards and check your credit reports on an annual basis. Check your current financial files:

  1. Credit cards
  2. Student Loan
  3. Mortgage or Rent
  4. Auto Loan

Financing- Be Careful

You’re planning for an investment, so do not make sudden changes in your job or make big purchases. Lenders will always check your position of your financial stability, which will increase in chance of loan and interest rate.

Committee to a saving planYou’re thinking of an investment, think about your current budget, and put together a plan for saving for down payment, closing cost and moving expenses.  Few tips will help you start the saving:

  1. Check your daily expenses’
  2. Start saving Direct deposit to your saving
  3. Save all the change
  4. Get per-approved.

Before you start looking for home, get a preapproval letter. Your preapproval letter will give you an idea of how much you can afford and will help you narrow your search.;

Document needed for pre-approval.

  1. Tax return for the past two years
  2. List of all your assets: example auto loan and bank statement.
  3. Paycheck stub for the past two years.
  4. Rent or the mortgage payment for the past two years.
  5. W-2 form for the past two years
  6. List of all the payments due:
    • Student loan
    • Auto loan
    • Credit card(s)
    • Ready to Start Shopping for your dream home!

Take a drive around

Find an area that interests you the most for your home; School, community, church shopping complex and neigh hood. At MIH our team is ready to assist to make your dream come true. Narrow your search

Let MIH team take you for a ride in stepping into your dream home. Bring your search to the few that interest you the most and we will take you

Time to Say YES 

When you have seen all properties that best interest you, MIH team will help you in purchasing your dream home. My team and I will review the property and offer a price that will best fit your request.  We will be by your side throughout the process, in making sure that each step is painless and lifetime of experience for you.

I can guarantee you that we will provide TRUSTWORTHY and EXCELLENT Service. Our goal at MIH is to provide excellent service and we take pride and joy in serving our customers to accomplish our goal. ;

At MIH REALTY -We Make It Happen in helping you buy your DREAM HOME